Director: Wesley Alley
Writer: Wesley Alley, Bradley Fowler
Producers: Wesley Alley, Darrem Lynn Bousman, Bradley Fowley, Amanda Markowitz, Victoria Matlock
Language: English
Country: United States


Amanda Markowitz

as Helen

Maitlyn Pezzo

as Elizabeth

Zack Ward

as Charles

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about the filmmaker


Wesley Alley


Wesley Alley is a director, writer, and producer from a small ranch town in Idaho no one has ever heard of. His love for film began as a child, then continued through college at Boise State University, where he studied performance and direction. He later went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in film production and a master’s degree in entertainment business from Full Sail University before moving to LA and joining IATSE Local 728, one of the most highly-trained lighting unions in the world.

Most recently, Wesley co-directed the feature film “The Voices.” He wrote and directed “Sockmonster” as well as co-wrote and directed “Good Girl,” both produced with Darren Lynn Bousman (Director of the “Saw” Franchise). He has an action-packed short film/proof of concept that he directed, “Four Hour Layover in Juarez,” He also has a super fun Idaho Lottery Branded Content/short film, “Fleeced,” in post.

Aside from directing, Wesley is an industry regular who has served as chief lighting technician on dozens of projects, from huge blockbusters (“Transformers” franchise, “Kong: Skull Island”) down to smaller indies (“Don Jon”) and TV series (“The Mandalorian,” “Westworld, “Twin Peaks”).

In directing and writing, Wesley wants to make films that not only entertain, but transport viewers into a new worlds and situations, giving them a temporary escape from their daily lives