Director: Venita Ozols-Graham

Starring: Jordan Elizabeth Goettling, Brigitte Graham, Shelby Kocee

Writer: Jordan Elizabeth Goettling

Producers: Jordan Elizabeth Goettling, Venita Ozols-Graham, Brian Tanke, Leif Holt, Brian Melo

Executive Producer: Venita Ozols-Graham

Available on: (Soon to be released)


After Darcy is raped by a blind date, she bands together with her childhood friends, Nora and Olivia, to enact a seemingly harmless prank on her rapist. But when the prank goes awry resulting in the death of the rapist, the women unknowingly set into motion a cataclysmic chain of events that result in the deaths of each of their lovers.

Inspired by a true story, Black Widows explores female kinship and the dark humor behind tragedy because even if you can’t laugh about it, you can laugh in spite of it if you have the right people in your life.