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First Focus International (FFI) was developed and created by filmmakers much like yourself. We, Mark Shady and Leif Holt, began and continue our careers by making and selling films. Because of our first hand knowledge and experience, we’re able to relate to and understand what a filmmaker experiences when attempting to find distribution. Through these experiences and the ultimate forming of FFI, we have developed a proven model for any filmmaker seeking to distribute their product that will maximize returns for any film that we represent, while avoiding the costly mistake of finding a distribution company that may not be the best fit for your film.

Our Approach

Consultant Feedback

First Focus International works closely with a loose team of consultants we have formed relationships over the years, either as independent film producers, producer consultants or sales reps. These may include past or current partners, former employers, or colleagues.  Their initial review of the project is invaluable as it helps guide our strategic plan with the film in order to maximize profit and avoid costly pitfalls.

Professional Film Review

Through private screenings, surveys and Advertisement data we gather the needed audience feedback which helps locate and solidify the best audience and any sub-genres.  This is sometimes also used to correct any issues with the film edits, story line and specific genre format that is needed to mazimize ROI.  The latter is up to the discretion of the filmmaker as there could be financial constraints preventing opening up the film.

Trailer Notes

As the trailer is one of the most important element in the sales/acquisition process, it is vital that the films trailer is carefully reviewed.  Depending on the genre and any names, or lack there of, there are very specific formats and strategies developed by FFI that have been found to exponentially increase sales and offers.  Not all film trailers need to be recut and not all filmmakers have the money to do so but it can be a powerful tool when done.

FIlm Webpage

First Focus will create a webpage for the film which will include the trailer, screener link (password protected), stills, pictures and all other information regarding the film.  This page can be access via the site and it’s own web address for friends, colleges, buyers and any other industry professionals interested in the film.

Film Sales Sheet

A very in depth sales sheet will be created which will be used to market and acquire offers from buyers, distributors and platform operators.  This is a vital marketing asset that opens the door for interest in the film.

Title announcement
The official Title Announcement is sent, in the following order, to between roughly 1,750 and 1,800 companies comprised of buyers and distributors.


“Buyers” would include but not limited to; direct theatrical/VOD/DVD vendors which FFI has access to.  These 1,350-1,400 Buyers cover 68 worldwide territories.

PHASE two: distributors

These are distribution companies, primarily located domestically (U.S. & Canada) which FFI accesses with all film titles we represent.  Roughly 500 companies which represent 27 worldwide territories.






Our film, “Deceived”, is currently on the shelves at Walmart, is available to stream through Amazon and is expanding to other distribution channels.  [First Focus International’s] honesty, preparation and drive to get your film out there can be hard to find in this business.  We highly recommend First Focus International!

Sevier Crespo

Producer, Thru the Scope Productions

When Mark and Leif Jumped on board our film, “Black Widows”, things finally started moving. They guided us into exactly the distribution we’d hoped for, but couldn’t get our foot in the door ourselves to get. They not only know the ins and outs everyone else does, but they have some tricks up their sleeves and are constantly exploring new avenues of revenue–Brilliant advisres about what’s needed for your filom to market it to its best advantage.

Venita Ozols-Graham

Producer/Director/Writer, Wunderlust Films

[First Focus’] dedication led to sales I couldn’t have dreamed of.  [They are] now my first choice for shepherding films through the marketplace

Arnon Z. Shorr

Writer/Director, OxRock Productions