Alchemy is the largest independent distributor of film and television content across all platforms and windows in North America. We are a full-service acquisitions and distribution company providing a one-stop destination for top sales, marketing, and releasing services across all major media channels.

We are the only independent distributor that provides direct access to theatrical exhibitors, all major physical retailers including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, and we are a leading independent supplier to digital platforms, cable, satellite, and television including iTunes, Netflix, Comcast, DirecTV, Amazon and Hulu.

Alchemy owns a diverse film library with more than 700 titles, and distributes more than 2,500 film and television properties in North America and select international markets.

We are also a proud owner and sponsor of the Bentonville Film Festival, the only festival dedicated to women and diverse voices in media. Supported by sponsors including Walmart and Coca-Cola, the festival takes place in Bentonville, Arkansas every May.

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