Producer’s Representatives

‘First Focus International’s consulting services for filmmakers are available during all stages of making your film. From pre-production feedback, through securing distribution, we use our years of experience in development, producing, writing, and film acquisition to ensure that when your project is ready to be screened, it is seen in its best light. Before, during, and after the completion of your film, count on FFI to provide the guidance you need. Consulting services available to filmmakers include:


We offer conscientious script feedback, which extends beyond the industry standard script coverage. Our global relationships enable us to provide market-specific feedback, scene removal and addition suggestions, and expert advice on reaching greater audiences, through strategic planning and positioning.

√ Audience Analysis √ Budget Restrictions √ Genre Development
Story Pacing √ Script Coverage √ Product Placement


Proper contracts acquired during the pre-production stage can mean the life or death of a film in terms of distribution.  The different contracts required are generally not common knowledge.  FFI will help acquire, advise and circumvent any possible issues in regards to contracts.    

√ Sag Agreements
√ Art & Props Releases
√ Chain of Title
√ Location Releases
√ Script Optioning
√ Production Releases

Principal Photography

One of the most commonly missed distribution assets is your film’s supplemental material.  This would include all the different Behind-The-Scenes categories that are invaluable to your ability to sell and market your film.  FFI will take full control of your Behind-The-Scenes strategy and help you plan, schedule and write the needed scripts that will make Distributors and Buyers fight over your film.

BTS Requirements
√ BTS Script Writing
√ Interview Focus
Film Stills Advisement
√ Blooper Reels
√ Filmmaking Story


 One of the most critical and important phases of making your film is Post-Production.  Without careful attention to the appropriate genre, audience and marketing angles, many films and trailers are cut incorrectly making them difficult to sell.  With FFI’s guidance, your film, trailer and BTS materials will be fully optimized for maximum ROI.

Rough Cut Reviews
√ Genre Optimization
√ Commercial Pacing
Audience Targeting √ BTS Mandates
√ Trailer advisment



Likewise, throughout the post-production process, as well as following, we break down the title-shopping process as simply as possible into four phases:
     1. Complete on-going consultation while shopping the film for Domestic and/or International Distribution. 
√ Representation Recommendations
√ Distribution Contract Guidance *
√ Film Offer Advisement *
2. Full support and navigation with Film Deliverables.
  Post-House Recommendations Deliverables Advisement Deliverables Negotiations
3. Film Market Support — Should producer(s) wish to take the film to any of the following worldwide markets, we offer full advisement and support on navigating these as well. FFI has taken it’s produced and repped films to all major markets worldwide.
√ Cannes √ Berlin (EFM) √ Sundance
4. Marketing Support — FFI will consult on all marketing decisions and strategies to help with sales.
√ Target Audience Analysis √ Marketing Adds Consultation
√  Stategy Alignment

* please be advised that although 1. First Focus International is well versed and experienced at giving advisement & guidance at facilitating contract terms, terminations, services, consideration, credits, commissions payments and points, we not nor have ever been entertainment lawyers and cannot negotiatedeals ourselves (unless it is a First Focus International repped film, and you have a current, signed, live contract with FFI through our companies agreement(s) or contract) nor give legal advice when it comes contract terms. 


‘First Focus International… truly believe(s) in and supports quality independent films — They were willing to go above and beyond to include my film, Good Guys With Guns, in a sales agreement with DirecTV .’ Jordan Ancel

Writer/Director, "Good Guys with Guns"

‘Mark and Leif have real attention to detail, knowledge of the business, and a passion for film, that has benefited us greatly [to] finally get our film in front of the right distributors.’ David Paladino

Producer, "Deceived"

Instantly, we saw things finally start happening. FFI began getting the film on different platforms, which generated some revenue. It’s not just their extensive knowledge in the market, but also their insistent professionalism that really supported us through this treacherous road of distribution.’ Ismet Kurtulus

Writer/Producer, "The Last Schnitzel"

Many times, 2. First Focus has signed and acted as a sales rep for film titles which previously used FFI’s consultation services. While this is still our practice and our goal in some circumstances, we simply cannot do this for all projects which we take on to consult for. 

If FFI does decide to sign a title in which it has previously consulted for, to now act as a sales rep for, this is a separate contract and is drawn up independently from the previous consultation agreement. There is also no upfront fee for this service — FFI’s compensation comes strictly from a back end percentage which is negotiated before this separate deal is signed.